Step by Step Guide on Deciding What to Blog

  1. Get a cup of coffee.
  2. Make a list of all the things you want to blog about. (i.e. Knitting, Geekery, Sewing, books, recipes, writing.)
  3. Make a list of all the things you don’t want to blog about (i.e. politics, work, dating, children.)
  4. Throw the second list away.
  5. Separate each items on the first list onto it’s own spreadsheet or piece of notebook paper, and begin your list of pros and cons for each one. (i.e. number of blogs out there, actual dedication and knowledge of each topic.
  6. Refill your coffee
  7. Sharpen pencil, or clean keyboard.
  8. Take a thoughtful sip of coffee.
  9. Begin highlighting powerful pros and cons in red with your highlighter and/or highlighter fill tool.
  10. Highlight secondary and tertiary concerns and pros in orange and yellow.
  11. Eliminate all but the top three blog subjects.
  12. Make a ham and cheddar sandwich.
  13. Eat sandwich in a pensive manner.
  14. Return to your top three blog subjects. Contemplate them.
  15. Head over to youtube to watch some pandas playing in the pool, or something equally adorable.
  16. Begin a new spreadsheet, listing story ideas for each section.
  17. Stare at blank spreadsheets.
  18. Catch up on your webcomics.
  19. Outline some articles.
  20. Run the articles by your cat.
  21. Feed the cat.
  22. Organize your work space, alphebitize files, sort paperclips by size, and test all your pens.
  23. Refill your coffee.
  24. Toss out coffee and make a new pot.
  25. Refill your coffee.
  26. Decompress by playing a soothing puzzle game.
  27. Look up a good puzzle game tutorial blog.
  28. Check the clock and realize you’ve spent most of the day playing a puzzle game.
  29. Brush your teeth.
  30. Go to bed.